First: Support. Webtex blew my mind with their responsiveness and tenacity regarding an issue with my highly modified site. Excellent level of communication. Second: The Actual Extension. This is exactly what I needed. Dead simple to use, even for my client. Finally: Varien needs to pay for the rights to this extension and incorporate it. I highly recommend the extension AND the developer.
by Cmd Z on Customer Group Prices, webtexsoftware.com
The Attribute Description Tooltip is a great extension. Easy installation and implementation! We ran in to a slight issue because we have a custom template, but they worked with us and had it up and running in no time! Thanks for the great product and service!
by Winks on Attribute Description Tooltip, webtexsoftware.com
Thank you very much team WebTex! Your extension works wonderful. Thank you for helping me out to solve the problem with the extensions interacting with each other. I truly recommend the webtex extension + the great support they give afterwards.
by lupusgreius on Gift Registry, magentocommerce.com
I rarely leave reviews for products but I said I would make an exception in this particular case based on the level of support we received. We purchased this plugin to go with our new store and had a custom theme, installation was a breeze until we discovered our theme had some custom modifications that affected the plugin. We emailed support and got a reply back from Alex in a couple of hours assuring us that the problem would be fixed and true to his word ALL the bugs we had discovered (in our theme not the plugin) were fixed and our plugin was working perfectly. I give you guys 5 stars for support and professionalism as it was nice to find someone who stuck to their word and stood over their product. Thanks a lot and best of luck with the sales!
by littlebandit on Baby Gift Registry, magentocommerce.com
Great Module and support. This module has endless possibilities for me and it's really easy to manage the attribute tooltips in all product categories. Thx for all Webtex
best regards
by majdic on Attribute Description Tooltip, webtexsoftware.com
Have been using this extension for some time and it works great! We recently upgraded from Magento 1.4 to 1.6 and ran in to an issue with this extension and our custom template. Webtex support is great and helped fix it within a couple hours! Thanks!
by Kris Winks on Attribute Description Tooltip, webtexsoftware.com
This extension is simply a great extension. It can clarify many things for your customers, therefore reducing the amount of questions and improving shopping experience. I had a little problem when I used Attribute Description Tooltip with another extension (EasyTabs), but one mail was enough and they fixed it for me right away.
Thanks Alex,
by Joey on Attribute Description Tooltip, webtexsoftware.com
Got some premium help from Webtex on a small issue with my custom template. This extension works great. I will surely buy this for future projects.
by Marco on Attribute Description Tooltip, webtexsoftware.com
Hi. We recently bought this extension, but it was in conflict with another one we bought. I contacted Webtex crew and they fixed it.
Great support. Thumbs up!
Thank you.
by kolenko on Attribute Description Tooltip, magentocommerce.com
This module is an invaluable time saver and has to be one of the most important we have come across. The ability to assign repeat attribute values to as many products as needed in one hit has more than proven it's worth. It's solid and logically laid out and when it comes to loading products onto the back end has reduced the time taken by I'd say as much as 80% for us as we have a thousands of products on the store and several hundred at any time may contain the same attribute measurement. We can also mass assign configurable attributes to products too and the fact it highlights which products are missing attributes means our customers get a better shopping experience with us.
For this price it is a fantastic deal. We have just cancelled two data entry temps we had booked through an employment agency to come in next week as this module renders them unnecessary.
On top of this great find the guys behind the module, Webtex, have proven to offer invaluable support and help and are very open to suggestions and certainly ask all the right questions. This is the first module I have felt compelled to review as it addresses so many issues we had with Magento and has proven to be trouble free. Well done guys and I look forward to further developments from you!
by Oranjtri on Unfilled Attribute Manager, magentocommerce.com
I'm very happy with my shop's new baby registry. Looks and works great! They worked with my original design and had it up and running in no time with out shutting down my shop. Pleasure to work with and very patient when it comes to a client who wants everything to be perfect. I also recommend them for other customizations.
by Pops on Baby Gift Registry, webtexsoftware.com
I had MagExtension install their Baby Registry extension on my site and I couldn't be more pleased... It's much more reasonably priced that similar extensions where you pay per product and in my opinion it's usability is much better than competing extensions... I'm not affiliated with them in no way... Im just a happy customer who has been burnt by other developers. If your looking for a registry solution for your site or even a custom extension... give these guys a call...
by Colby on Baby Gift Registry, webtexsoftware.com
I can really recommend this extension. It's easy to install and provided me with exactly the solution I needed to assign specific prices to customer groups.
Also , and in my opinion very important, is the excellent support you can get with this extension.
The support response was fast, efficient and result driven!
by kane on Customer Group Prices, webtexsoftware.com
Very good extension, useful, well integrated, etc... The guys at Webtex made it works perfectly with my magento 1.5.1 and the configurable and custom options in less than 5 hours as the prices of options were still showing, and now a neaw release is available ! The service is worth the price, don't worry ;) I'm sure they will develop the import/export CSV thing as soon as they can, for catalogs less than 500 products i think it is really convenient ;) Thanks again !
by HubZ on Customer Group Prices, magentocommerce.com
We had a small problem with this module and I contacted their support team. The response was instant and my problem has been resolved the next day. I highly recommend this one or any other module by Webtex team. Cheers!
by buluts on Gift Registry, magentocommerce.com