Store and Currency Auto Switcher for Magento 2

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Expand your business to the international level with flexible multi-store and currency functionality. Automatically detect customers’ location and switch to their local Store Views and home currencies.
Compatible with CE 2.0.x; EE 2.0.x
Module Version 2.0.2
Store and Currency Auto Switcher extension for Magento 2


Magento 2 Store and Currency Auto Switcher

  • •Automatic country/city GeoIP detection
  • •Advanced currency settings
  • •Setting Country-Currency relations
  • •Auto switching to the local Store Views
  • •Store/currency switching restrictions
  • •GeoIP database update from the back-end
  • •The product is developed and supported by

The extension is developed by and comes with FREE functionality updates.

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Store Switching

Store & Currency Auto Switcher extension for Magento 2 uses MaxMind technology that instantly detects customers’ location by the IP address.

With the extension you can:

• track orders' origin
• automatically switch customers to their local Store Views
• restrict store switching for specific countries
• block certain URLs, User Agents and IP addresses

Currency Switching

Set Country-Currency functionality and automatically switch to customers' local currencies.

Additionally, you can restrict auto currency switching:

• restrain this function for specific User Agents
• block currency switching for certain URLs

General Settings

Store & Currency Auto Switcher extension for Magento 2 provides you with a number of features to easily optimize the way currency and store switching is held.

The extension lets you:

• track customers’ location in the Orders Views
• show customers’ location in the Online Customer Grid
• update GeoIP database in the backend

Coming Soon

This is the list of features that will appear in the upcoming versions:

• Language Switcher
• Country-selector testing tool

The ETA is 8-12 weeks.




: new feature added.
: bug fixed.
  • Version 2.0.2 (April 2016)
    Fixes an issue with auto switch a billing country on the checkout step
  • Version 2.0.1 (April 2016)
    Code refactoring
  • Version 1.0. (August 2015)
    Initial release

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