Step-by-step One Page Checkout for Magento

This extension will radically improve the Magento one page checkout experience with a sleek step-by-step checkout process.
Compatible with Magento CE 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
Module Version 1.0.0

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Step-by-step One Page Checkout extension for Magento


The purpose of this extension is to increase the conversion rate, by making the Magento one page checkout process very straightforward, trustworthy, seamless, intuitive and easy to use. One of the aims is to make user very comfortable with providing all the requested information, such as shipping/billing address and credit card details, which is probably the primary challenge on the way to completing the checkout and placing the order.

Another very important factor of great checkout architecture is usability. The key to the high level of usability that we achieved lies in the research that we did through hundreds of pages of analysis and studies, conducted by worlds leading usability experts.

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No-hassle Checkout Process
No one likes to create accounts. So why risk distracting or even repelling users with Registration/Guest Checkout requests and options on the very first step of checkout.
We believe it will be much more beneficial both for merchant and shopper if a capability to register is seamlessly integrated into the checkout process. This makes shopper’s life much easier, and checkout abandon rate much lower.

Convenient and Logical Shipping Info
All shipping information (shipping address and shipping method) is merged into a single step, which goes before billing and payment information. Such reordering lets user to see the final price with shipping charges included, before he enters any billing info. This makes him feel more comfortable about providing payment information, because now he knows how much he’s going to pay.

Billing That Makes Sense
All payment information (billing address and payment method) is merged into a single step, and we believe this is the way most shoppers expect it to be. Billing address is requested only after all shipping information is provided, because it’s very confusing when billing address and payment method are separated, and moreover there’s shipping information between them. It just doesn’t make sense to us, and probably to many shoppers as well.

Super Easy Embedded Registration
Within the Payment Information step, user will be able to create an account by simply providing a password. In case Guest Checkout is disabled in Magento configuration, the password fields will become required.
When user realizes how simple it is to register (just need to provide a password), it’s much more likely she’ll decide to create an account.

Design that Promotes Peace of Mind
At all times during the checkout process, your customer can see on what step she is, what info she has already provided, how can she edit it, and what is the next step. Shopper sees products she’s purchasing, with quantities, prices, and all selected options (such as color and size). She sees what she’s going to pay, sees a gift card or a coupon she applied, as well as tax and shipping cost (which is calculated right after user chooses a shipping method).

When Visitor Converts into Customer
Order Review page contains completely all user provided information, and shopper can go back and change anything he wants. All product information, prices, tax, shipping cost, coupons is showed on that step as well. We want to completely eliminate any shopper’s doubts or hesitations that he might have made a mistake at any point. He sees all information and is super comfortable with clicking the “Place Order” button.

Everyone Needs a Good Receipt
After user places an order, on the confirmation page he will be provided with a detailed order information, such as: order #, shipping info, billing info, info on all products he bought, cost totals, with breakdown for products costs, tax, shipping cost and gift cards/coupons. He’ll also have an option to print that page as well.

Seamless Installation and Configuration
This extension requires virtually no configuration. Just copy the extension package to you site root — and you're ready to go (though we encourage checking it out on staging environment first). From the backend of the site store admin will be able to change titles of each checkout step, edit some messages, and disable certain fields, such as “Fax” and “Company”. If need to code some custom stuff — feel free to, the extension's code is 100% open source.


Good module, better support!
(Posted on Nov 10, 2015 by Alen K.)

Since this company was acquired by mageworks, the support became awesome. This module was installed easily and fast. I'm missing some features but the team promised me to add them soon.

Greeting from Germany.


: new feature added.
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  • Version 1.0.0
    First release

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