SEO Suite Ultimate for Magento

The complete SEO solution for Magento. With SEO Suite Ultimate you can dramatically increase your store search ranking position and optimize everything to work smooth and efficient.
Compatible with СE 1.6.x - 1.9.x EE 1.6.x - 1.14.x
Module Version 8.0.0
SEO Suite Ultimate for Magento


SEO Suite Ultimate

  • Optimization of meta data
  • Advanced Rich Snippets
  • SEO for layered navigation
  • SEO for reviews pages
  • Eliminating duplicate content issues
  • Extended HTML/XML sitemaps
  • Cross Links functionality
  • Detailed SEO Reports
  • Hreflang tag support
  • SEO Redirects

The extension is developed by and comes with FREE functionality updates.

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Advanced SEO Templates for Product and Category Pages

Automatically provide each page of your store with unique meta data and ease the meta tags management.

Product Templates can be created for product meta title, meta description, URL key, short and long descriptions, meta keywords, alt tags of product images and product SEO name (H1) tag. Templates can be assigned by:

¥ all products
¥ selected products
¥ product attribute sets

You can create Product Templates for different Store Views including local Store View templates in a higher priority. Moreover, this type of the template can be applied to all products with a certain condition or to products with empty fields. Also, you can apply multiple templates at one time.

Category Templates can be created for category meta title, meta description, meta keywords and category description. They can be assigned by:

¥ all categories
¥ selected category tree
¥ categories of your choice

You can use dynamic variables for category templates in titles and meta/short/category descriptions.

Category templates can also be created for different Store Views, where local Store View template is in a higher priority. You can apply them to categories with a certain condition or to products with empty fields.

Also, with SEO Suite Ultimate you can make a template for aheadWorks blog post titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords. You can apply templates to all, selected or individual blog post.

On top of that, with the extension you can:

¥ limit the length of meta title and meta description for templates
¥ set the number of templates to apply at one time
¥ use Magento Cron to apply templates automatically to new products and categories
¥ receive notifications about any error during the process of templates application

Also, you have the ability to test any template before applying it to real products and won’t be able to create another template for the same product.

Category Page Optimization

¥ add ‘Page number’ to meta title and description tags for paginated pages
¥ create a pager URL format for paginated pages
¥ implement the Rel=next/prev relationship between component URLs in a paginated series
¥ get the correct ‘View=all’ page support
¥ remove parent categories to optimize sub-category URLs
¥ add or remove the ‘?limit=all’ parameter from the canonical tag on the category pages

SEO for Product Reviews Pages

With SEO Suite Ultimate you can create SEO-friendly product reviews pages to allow Google index them better.

¥ create SEO-friendly URLs for product review pages
¥ add the canonical tags to product reviews to point to a reviews page or to a product page
¥ place the ‘Review for’ message at the reviews page meta title and/or meta description

HTML and XML Sitemaps

HTML sitemap provides your customers with the complete linking structure overview of your Magento store and allows to easily navigate though it.

¥ place all your store links in one page with a hierarchical structure
¥ edit sitemap: add links, hide categories/products/CMS pages, exclude certain pages
¥ remove out-of-stock products from a sitemap
¥ set meta tags for your sitemap page

XML sitemap provides search engine with the detailed crawling instructions and can be implemented with SEO Suite Ultimate.

Moreover, you can easily modify an XML sitemap by adding product images, tags and custom links, exclude certain categories/products/CMS pages, define frequency and priority for any tag or additional links and hide out-of-stock products.

Also, SEO Suite Ultimate runs a sitemap validity check to guarantee that your XML sitemap is completely error free. Finally, a sitemap is compatible with AW Blog, FishPig Blog, FishPig Attributes Splash Pages modules.

Improved Layered Navigation

With the module you can complete layered navigation pages with both SEO- and user-friendly URLs, dynamic titles and meta descriptions. SEO Suite Ultimate helps you:

¥ add dynamic generation of meta title and meta description that are based on various product attributes and includes the ability to adjust them manually
¥ configure canonical tag on layered navigation pages
¥ completely disable the canonical tag
¥ add NOINDEX,FOLLOW or NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW tags to any layered navigation page
¥ define the number of filters to be applied in layered navigation

Dealing with Duplicate Content Issues

Duplicate content can harm your Magento store search ranking. You can eliminate this content or minimize its negative effect with the help of the module:

¥ add correct canonical meta tags
¥ implement cross-domain canonical meta tag
¥ set the canonical tag to point to the parent product page from the associated ones
¥ specify the single canonical URL for products in multiple categories
¥ select the root, shortest or longest category path for product canonical URL
¥ define a canonical tag for a single product or use a custom one

Hreflang Tag Support

Hreflang tag functionality may be of great help for those who are running a multi-lingual or multi-regional store. With the extension you can quickly implement hreflang tag for any language or regional URL. Also, with SEO Suite Ultimate you can:

¥ configure Alternate URLs Scope that works both within one and multiple websites
¥ use hreflang tag for category/product/CMS pages
¥ set the language code manually for each locale or use it from the default one
¥ specify country code manually for each store view or get if from the default country
¥ use mapping functionality for CMS pages to set hreflang tags the right way
¥ get the detailed overview of the hreflang setup
¥ parse XML sitemaps with Alternate URLs correctly

Cross Links

You can automatically link any keyword or phrase to any page or external source. Additionally, with the cross linking functionality you can:

¥ add links for any keywords/phrase automatically
¥ link keywords to a certain product/category ID
¥ define a custom URL to link keyword to
¥ set link title and alt tags
¥ choose the way a link should be opened (in the same or a new window)
¥ define the keyword replacement priority
¥ set the maximum number of replacements for a keyword
¥ specify destination pages where replacement should be made

Magento Rich Snippets

Provide your potential shoppers with more advanced and detailed information by adding markup tags to your store product pages. With this handy feature customers will see various page details including an image, product rating, description, price and more right in the search results. Also, you can add the following details:

¥ product category
¥ payment and delivery methods
¥ color
¥ brand
¥ weight and dimensions
¥ and more

On top of that, SEO Suite Ultimate helps you implement markup data on category and CMS pages.

Moreover, you can add:

¥ a sitelinks search box
¥ breadcrumbs
¥ website info
¥ seller info
¥ events info

Also, the extension supports Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards to improve your social media activity.

SEO Redirects

SEO Suite Ultimate enables you to help search engines index new pages and avoid losing precious traffic. With the module you can:

¥ specify the redirects type: 301 moved permanently or 302 found
¥ set the default redirect to the product or category
¥ define the period of time to keep redirects active

Also, you can modify all redirects:

¥ enable, disable or delete the redirect
¥ select the product priority category
¥ modify the number of hits

SEO Reports

The extension is packed with detailed SEO Reports functionality that allows you to figure out pages with long meta title and meta description tags, pages that have duplicate meta title and meta description tags, pages with empty meta tags, and more. This feature works for products, categories and CMS pages.

SEO Suite Ultimate Also Includes

¥ Hreflang support for languages and regional URLs
¥ Price attribute includes the price range for bundle, configurable and grouped products when used in the templates
¥ The ability to use prefix and suffix for attributes in the templates
¥ The ability to enable or disable Open Graph right from the backend
¥ Search engine and user-friendly RSS Feed URLs
¥ Title attribute for Category Menu links
¥ The ability to define a default meta robots tag for Https pages
¥ Free extension installation (by request)
¥ Free extension configuring (by request)
¥ Free conflicts resolving (our team will help you in resolving conflicts with other 3rd party Magento extensions)
¥ Free high priority new feature development by request
¥ Free high priority technical support

Compatible with

¥ Fooman Speedster Magento extension
¥ AW Z Blocks Magento extension (by request - just drop us a line before the installation process)
¥ Amasty Improved Navigation Magento extension
¥ Amasty Prevnext extension
¥ GT Speed Magento module
¥ AW Blog Magento module
¥ FishPig Magento module
¥ FishPig Attributes Splash Pages Magento module
Itactica Layered Navigation extension


the greatest SEO extension for Magento so far
(Posted on Oct 13, 2016 by Tomek Jordan)

HI. I'm long time user of SEO ULTIMATE, I reviewed many other extensions. And this one comes with very unique features. If you have multiple website Magento instance - this is the only one that works with cross-domain settings.
Support from Eugene Efimenko is awesome.
I truly recommend this extension, its worth the price.
Definitiv das beste SEO-Modul für Magento!
(Posted on Oct 13, 2016 by plucnara)

Habe alle Module der SEO Suite Ultimate getestet und verglichen. Mehr SEO-Optimierung ist mit einem Modul für Magento nicht möglich. Deshalb ist für mich die "Mageworx SEO Suite Ultimate", definitiv die bestes Erweiterung für Magento SEO-Optimierung!
Ein absolutes Must-Have!
Greatworxs Mageworx! :-)
Best SEO module for Magento!
(Posted on Oct 13, 2016 by onlinesourceinc)

It's crazy that a lot of the features this module offers aren't built into the standard version of Magento, because many are more than necessary. By far, the most complete SEO module for Magento, this offers many great tools including hreflang alternate urls, meta config for all pages, open graph data for social media accounts, etc. I found several other modules that did one or two of these things but you added them all up and it got very pricey, not to mention you were dealing with several different developers and that caused lots of confusion.
I recommend this anybody looking for a complete SEO option with Magento.
Fast, Reliable, and Professional
(Posted on Oct 13, 2016 by TropicSnowman)

Fast, Reliable, and Professional these are some of the few words i can use to describe the type of work these guys did for the extension as well as the Advanced Configurations. Ulyana was superb, knowledgeable and professional. Her insights to the SEO world are pretty valuable.
Highly recommended!
(Posted on Oct 13, 2016 by Deanpetvinmoore)

Wonderful friendly staff, great product, swift install, (Opting for the config service for an extra fee) well worth the money.
Would i say that if you need Meta data sorting, Seo help etc, look no further, Mageworx have been great? Of course I would!!
Amazing Extension
(Posted on Oct 13, 2016 by ebozzettiwd)

It has been great working with MageWorx, and this extension is a must for any store. One of the best extension support that we have used!
Very great extension with perfect support
(Posted on Oct 13, 2016 by bts_eu)

Perfect tool for seo with a very professional, great und fast support. Absolutely recommendable!
Best SEO extension for Magento
(Posted on Oct 13, 2016 by Usefulness)

I have been using this extension from last two years and finds it the best extension.


: new feature added.
: bug fixed.
  • 8.0.0 (December 1, 2016)
    Adds new breadcrumbs functionality
    Adds the Image field in the Seller Rich Snippets
    Minor bug fixes

  • 7.3.0 (October 13, 2016)
    Ability to set a custom meta robots tag for any attribute or attributes combinations in the layered navigation
    Ability to use the randomizer feature in the templates. Example: [Buy||Order||Purchase]...
    Ability to add/remove the pager from the canonical tag on the category pages

  • 7.2.0 (September 12, 2016)
    Adds the setting to disable the AggregateRating for the rich snippets
    Fixes a problem when the SEO Common section was not added to the list of permissions for staff roles
    Fixes the error Front controller reached 100 router match iterations
    Fixes a problem with layered navigation URLs if they contain Hebrew or Arabic characters
    Removes disabled store views from the identical store URLs check
    Fixes a problem with smallint limit
    Removes SID parameter from a category canonical
    Fixes compatibility issues with Magento
    Fixes a problem when products with reviews on a category page had the review link pointed to the home page
    Fixes an issue with applying extended templates to the products with empty attributes
    Fixes a problem with character encoding in the cross links
    Fixes a problem with calculating a length of the meta title tag in SEO reports
    Minor bug fixes

Product Tags

Use spaces to separate tags. Use single quotes (') for phrases.