Store & Currency Auto Switcher for Magento 2

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Store & Currency Auto Switcher:

  • Geo-IP country/city detection,
  • Automatically switch to local currencies and localized Store Views,
  • Auto switching on the global/ website levels,
  • Multiple Store View and currency settings,
  • Define Country-Currency relations,
  • Stop undesired store switches,
  • Update Geo IP database from the backend.

The extension is developed by and comes with FREE functionality updates.

View Store & Currency Auto Switcher user guide (in PDF)Save tons of time manually configuring product custom options. With the extension you can create templates with configured custom option and apply them to multiple products at once. Dozens of templates can save your time on product configuration process.

Advanced Product Options allows you to create templates for:

¥ dependent and independent options,
¥ color swatch,
¥ custom options with images,
¥ custom options inventory, etc.

Additionally, you can quickly modify the templates according to your needs:

¥ add pre-configured custom options while editing a product,
¥ apply template to multiple products in a click,
¥ set the default value for any custom option,
¥ define custom options values for each Store View,
¥ attach custom options to different Store Views.

Moreover, you are able to duplicate any custom option template and import/export them.

Dependent Custom Options

Custom options dependencies allow you to create various multi-level offerings, where new options get available only when customer chooses the main one. There are two types of dependencies:

¥ OR dependency: the next option can only be selected when the main one is picked up,
¥ AND dependency: the dependent option will be shown when two or more options get selected before.

What is more, you can easily modify the availability of custom options and show or hide them on the front-end in a mouse click.Stock Management

Tracking inventory of Magento 2 store has never been so easy. No matter how big your store is, with the Advanced Product Options extension you can control stock management smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, with this handy module you can:

¥ display the quantity of custom options,
¥ show a field to specify the quantity of custom options on the front-end,
¥ hide the out-of-stock options automatically,
¥ display the out-of-stock message when the quantity gets zero.

Custom Options Inventory

Stock management for each individual product and its custom options can be really boring activity. That’s why you can save a lot of time by automating this process with the Advanced Product Options extension for Magento. With this handy module you can:

¥ display the quantity of custom options,
¥ merge the inventory of any product with the inventory of custom option,
¥ hide the out-of-stock options automatically,
¥ show the low-stock/out-of-stock label,
¥ allow backorders to sell products that are currently unavailable.

Analyze the demand for different products to avoid the out-of-stock issues with popular ones using a detailed stock report. This feature also includes:

¥ collecting inventory data for all custom options values available,
¥ updating the option’s stock amount in bulk,
¥ modifying the stock value by a required amount,
¥ searching for low-in-stock/out-of-stock options.

Custom Options Pricing

Improve your pricing strategy by setting a cost for any custom option:

¥ absolute price – replaces the product’s price with the one from custom option,
¥ special price – specify promotional price for custom options,
¥ tier price – provide fixed or percentage quantity discount,
¥ ‘Starting at’ prefix,
¥ price per character option,
¥ calculate the percent based on other custom options’ prices.

Custom Options Image/Color Swatch

Replace the default custom option selector with high-quality colors, textures or images to provide shoppers with the perfect visual experience:

¥ display images as variants for custom options,
¥ attach multiple images to a single option,
¥ replace the original product image with the one from custom option,
¥ replace the whole product’s gallery with the option’s gallery,
¥ enable overlay image mode,
¥ show title and price for color swatch.

Custom Options Per Customer Groups

Provide different pricing strategies for various groups of customers by personalized custom options offerings. With the extension you are free to offer different product configurations for different groups of customers.

Cost and Weight for Magento Custom Options

With the extension you can set cost and weight for custom options, including their absolute values. This allows you to correctly calculate net profit each option brings and helps customers to get shipping cost in the shopping cart. Moreover, you can:

¥ specify cost and weight for custom options,
¥ set an absolute cose and absolute weight to replace the product’s original values,
¥ apply custom option’s weight to shipping cost.

Additionally, you can add the Universal Product Code (UPC) field for any custom option.

SKU Policy Management

With the Advanced Product Options extension you can define how the custom option’s SKU of the purchased product will be formed in the order.

With this functionality you can avoid situations when Magento adds custom option’s SKU to the product’s SKU in the order. That can cause harmful effect when exporting orders in the 3rd party solutions.

Other Features

¥ Dynamic countdown for entered characters for text options on the front-end,
¥ Setting different DIV class for every product option,
¥ Custom options import and export,
¥ WYSIWYG for products’ option description,
¥ Choosing custom options by loading product page with the specific parameters in the URL,
¥ ‘Do Not Restore Deleted Options’ feature is added to the Magento product options templates,
¥ Deciding to update or keep unchanged quantity of custom options when updating options template,
¥ The ability to display custom options only in the back-end,
¥ Adding description for each option value,
¥ Setting different custom options values for each Store View,
¥ The ability to add custom options for specific Store Views only,
¥ One-time prices for custom options.

¥ Compatible with Instant Cart,
¥ Compatible with Extended Orders,
¥ Compatible with Firegento MageSetup Extension for German market,
¥ Compatible with Innoexts_StorePricing,
¥ Compatible with Mico_Mupload.

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