Shipping Suite Ultimate for Magento 2

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Magento 2 Shipping Suite Ultimate Extension:

  • Unlimited # of shipping carriers, methods and rates,
  • Flexible shipping rules and restrictions,
  • Configurable delivery costs
  • Ability to re-calculate shipping rates,
  • Customizable shipping methods,
  • Ability to create a custom shipping method
  • Custom shipping carriers,
  • Custom shipping methods,
  • Custom Location Zones,
  • Shipping Zones Pop-up,
  • Ability to set Country-Regions relations.

The extension is developed by and comes with FREE functionality updates.

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Shipping rules and restrictions

Create shipping rules and restrictions based on various product, address and cart attributes. Set accurate delivery rates and costs and provide your customers with various shipping methods.

With the extension you can:

• hide/modify any shipping method,
• change cost of shipment based on the extended cart and product attributes, shipping information, and location groups.
• easily specify shipping rules settings,
• block rules for certain customer groups and store views,
• enable shipping rules on any day of the week,
• set how long shipping rules can be available,
• restrict any shipping method,
• block all the enabled rules when the certain rule is triggered,
• add Magento Regions, street, city and Location Zones to shipping rules,
• create rules that are based on 'Order Subtotal with a Discount',
• add a coupon code and base discount amount conditions to the rules.

Shipping carriers

Give more shipping options to your customers:

• create a setup for any LOCAL/CUSTOM carrier,
• easily manage the added custom shipping providers from the backend,
• assign custom shipping methods to these carriers,
• by means of rules and restrictions, modify such popular shipping providers as DHL, FedEx, USPS, and etc.

Shipping methods

Never lose money with shipping costs are rates. With Shipping Suite you can easily modify delivery rates using one of the 24 methods and have a good bargain, no matter which method your customers choose.

The extension enables you to:

• create as many custom shipping methods as you need,
• adjust new shipping rates and make changes in the existing ones for any chosen shipping method,
• set rules to the default shipping methods,
• modify the created methods according to your own preferences: specify the min/max method price, set an estimated delivery time, hide a shipping method if there are no valid shipping rates, and more.

Shipping rates

With Shipping Suite Ultimate extension for Magento 2 you can:

• discount/ overwrite/ surcharge a shipping cost based on the quanituty, cost or weight of ordered items,
• set shipping rates based on such conditions as zip code range, weight range, price range and other flexible conditions,
• choose fixed or percentage surcharges / discounts,
• set min/max method pricethreshold for rates,
• estimate the delivery time for shipping methods/ rates,
• set multiple rates price calculation on the methods level.

Shipping zones pop-up

Allow your shoppers effortlessly and quickly select their location:

• show Shipping Location in the store header,
• upload images for each zone displayed in the pop-up,
• automatically provide shipping location info on the shopping cart page/ at the checkout.

Country-regions relations

While the default Magento functionality doesn't let shoppers select states/ provinces for all teh countries, the Country-Regions Relations will let you add rehions and edit them out-of-the-box.

Multi store support

If you're running a multi-currency international store, the extention will let you personalize shopping options depending on their location:

• create Rules/Methods for different Store Views,
• add the store labels to the rates,
• specify names and delivery messages.

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