SEO Meta Templates for Magento 2

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Magento 2 SEO Meta Templates:

  • 11 templates for meta data optimization,
  • Advanced templates features,
  • Meta data templates for product/category pages,
  • Ability to optimize product/category descriptions,
  • Templates testing before application,
  • Multi Store Views templates,
  • Ability to generate templates with Magento Cron,
  • Flexible SEO meta templates.

View SEO Meta Templates user guide (in PDF) Auto Currency Switching

SEO Templates for Product Pages

Easily organize meta data and meta descriptions for product pages no matter how many of them you have. Help search engines better index your store pages.

Create various templates for:

• H1 tags,
• product meta title/description/keywords,
• long and short product descriptions,
• product URL keys.

On top of that, you can assign the templates to either all products at ones or to a separate # of items/ attribute sets.

SEO Templates for Category Pages

Make category pages suit all the latest Google requirements:

• create category templates for meta title/descriptions/keywords,
• optimize category description and SEO name.

Assign category templates either to all the categories or just to a separate # of categories. General settings

With SEO Meta Templates extension you can help search engines better index your store product and category pages.

• set SEO templates on any server configuration,
• use Magento Cron for templates generation,
• get notifications if something goes wrong,
• define meta title/description length,
• assign the templates to all store views/certain store view,
• call any templates (by its IP) right from Magento CLI.


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