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Magento 2 Order Management Extension:

  • Custom option templates for products,
  • Applying templates to any chosen product,
  • Setting templates by a product ID and product SKU,
  • Different custom options formats,
  • Advanced and flexible template settings,
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The extension is developed by and comes with FREE functionality updates.

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Forget about manually created options for each product in your Magento store!

Custom Options Templates

Create different kinds of templates to easily attach custom options to any product.

The extension will help you:

• easily create templates,
• quickly add custom options to any product,
• apply options by product ID or product SKU,
• define the custom options field format (text area, drop-down, checkbox, date, etc.).

Templates Management

In addition, Product Custom Options Templates extension enables you to:

• edit template any time,
• erase unnecessary templates,
• switch on/off custom options display on the front-end.

Coming Soon

This features will appear in the upcoming updates:

• optimized template import/export,
• the ability to apply the default value to any custom option,
• special options values for different Store Views.

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Admin Demo: ProductOptions / ProductOptions_1

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