Generate and Apply Multiple Coupons for Magento

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This extension empowers Magento store owners to create any number of coupons per shopping cart price rule, and also allows users to redeem multiple coupons in shopping cart.
The extension dramatically boosts Magento’s default coupon functionality and makes working with coupon codes much more easy, efficient, and seamless. Coupon code generation and export mechanism will save a whole bunch of time, if you say need to create a lengthy list of coupon codes and pass it to a third party.

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  • Compatible with "Customer Group Prices".
  • Compatible with default Group Prices in Magento 1.7.x
  • Ability to set +-% OFF on all products for each customer (individual promotions). So you can get % discounts to specific customers.
  • There are few options how to set customer prices:
    - 10 (fixed price, which will be displayed instead of the default one)
    - -10% (10% discount from the default price)
    - +10% (+10% to default price)
    - 10% (10% from default price)
  • Export/Import Prices per customer via csv.
  • Ability to add Tier Prices per Customer.
  • Ability to specify different products’ prices for your products for every customer
  • Ability to specify different special prices for your products for every customer
  • Ability to hide prices for not-logged-in visitors
  • Ability to hide prices for specific products or categories for not-logged-in visitors
  • Ability to display the message “You need to Login to see the prices” for NOT LOGGED IN visitors (this message can be easily changed)
  • Ability to filter customers when adding specific prices for them
  • Supports simple, configurable, bundle, grouped, virtual, downloadable products
  • Supports price ranges in the filter of Layered Navigation
  • Supports “Sort By” option
  • Supports Multi-Shipping checkout
  • Magento Custom Price extension does NOT overwrite any layouts or templates to avoid conflicts
  • The extension is easy to install and use
  • All extension's code is open source

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