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Once you get an order, you may pass it to Amazon, and it takes care of the rest.

Our Amazon fulfillment plugin does the automation of such an order passing process. The extension tracks all purchases of store items linked to one or more marketplaces, and automatically sends all shipping information to Amazon. Once an order is fulfilled, the module updates the stock within Magento to conform to stock value at Amazon.

Compatible with M2E Pro

Product Management

With Fulfillment by Amazon Magento extension you can effectively manage products sent to Amazon.
Also, the tool lets you quickly and conveniently monitor product stock levels.

With the extension you can:

  • link a product to one or more Amazon marketplaces
  • synchronize the inventory/ availability of the products in your Magento store with the data taken from Amazon

Fulfillment Order Management

Fulfillment by Amazon is equipped with a bunch of features that let you execute a wide range of order management activities.

The extension enables you to:

  • customize fulfillment order data
  • manually create a new fulfillment order using data from any other Magento order or from scratch
  • automatically create a fulfillment order to completely or partially fulfill a Magento order
  • automatically create Magento shipments with tracking info (the option is available after a Magento order gets fulfilled).

Fulfillment Rules

Fulfillment by Amazon extension lets you create rules to automatically send matching orders to Amazon.

For any chosen fulfillment order, the extension enables you to:

  • select any available Shipping Method (including those used by the third party extensions - e.g M2E Pro)
  • deliver fulfillment orders that were imported into Magento with other extensions
  • execute full order shipment
  • fulfill partial order shipment (in case the marketplace doesn’t have enough ordered products)

Priority shipping methods

With the help of the extension you can also add the unique shipping rates with the distinct shipping speed categories.

In the clone of the Table Rate shipping methods you can specify the standard, expedited and priority ways of shipping and then use these criteria while creating fulfillment rules.

View Fulfillment by Amazon module user guide (in PDF)

  • Ability to crop or resize image, rotate, adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, add blur, add text,add image labels, and draw
  • Utilization of Aviary image editing tool
  • Ability to order Magento product images using drag-and-drop
  • Ability to download each image with one click on the button
  • All extension's code is open source
Front-end: http://fba-extensions.magentoext.com/
Back-end: http://fba-extensions.magentoext.com/admin

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