Currency Switcher for Magento 2

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Magento 2 Currency Switcher:

  • Advanced currency switching settings,
  • Disabling auto-switching for certain User Agents/URLs,
  • Automatic switching to local currencies,
  • Flexible Country-Currency relationst,
  • Currency switching restrictions,
  • GeoIP order tracking,
  • Ability to update GeoIP database in the backend.

The extension is developed by and comes with FREE functionality updates.

View Currency Switcher user guide (in PDF) Auto Currency Switching

Currency Switcher automatically tracks visitors' GeoIP and converts site prices and rates to the customers' local currencies.

With the extension you can::

• set Country-Currency relations,
• specify currency symbols and rates in the back-end.

Moreover, Currency Switcher allows you to:

• track users' location under the Online Customer grid,
• view orders' geo origin.
General Settings

The extension is fitted with a number of advanced settings that allow you to prevent an undesired currency switching.

• restrict automatic switching for certain URLs,
• block certain User Agents.

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