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Baby Gift Registry extension enables your customers to create a user-friendly Baby Gift List within your store. Baby Registry is a particular type of wishlist, which gives a registry owner an ability to inform his guests about the presents he wants to receive for his Baby Shower.
This extension is intended to bring a large amount of buyers to your store at a time. This is how it works:
  1. Future parents create a baby gift list on your store and add a whole bunch of your products totheir registry.
  2. They send out invitations to this registry to all of their family members and friends directly from yourstore.
  3. Family members and friends then come to your store and buy everything from that Baby List.

View extension user guide (in PDF).

Extension video guide:

  • NEW! Ability to create/ full edit/ delete registry through admin panel
  • Ability to share registry on twitter and facebook
  • Access to a baby gift list is possible though search by name, search by Registry ID, and also through a direct link to it.
  • Registry search form is implemented as a pop-up JavaScript window, and that makes it unnecessary to integrate search form into page layout and design, which can be a hassle.
  • Products are added to a baby gift registry on AJAX, without page reloading or leaving the current page.
  • Products may be added to a registry from product page, catalog page, search results page.
  • Integrated e-mailing functionality that lets parents to inform all family and friends about a registry. Email body text is generated automatically with inserted proper patents’ names, Registry ID and a direct link to a baby gift list.
  • Parents can set the priority and leave their note on each product they added to a registry.
  • Parents can set/change the number of items desired and the number of items received for each product within their baby shower registry.
  • Ability to add products to shopping cart from multiple registries and also from catalog simultaneously.
  • Ability to choose registrant's address as a shipping address during checkout.
  • Ability to add configurable and bundled products to the baby shower registry.
  • Ability to make baby list private—to access such registry user will need to know it’s ID or a direct link to it.
  • Extended amount of parents’ information fields, which makes a baby gift list more personal.
  • Ability to add a family photo to a baby list page.
  • No limitations for product amount. Extensions works with unlimited number of products.
  • Ability to specify maiden name, which is searchable through registry search.
  • Ability to see all registries ever created (customer deleted registries remain in Admin Panel with all statistics).
  • Ability to see all necessary registry statistics through Admin Panel: existing registries, products within each registry, desired/received/purchased amounts of products, corresponding orders.
  • Ability to add the same configurable product (with different options selected) to the registry multiple times.
  • Ability to see registry IDs in registry list in Admin Panel. IDs are clickable and lead to the registry page on site front-end.
  • Ability to sort products in registry product list (by price, priority and purchased status).
  • Ability to update the amount of received products in the admin panel.
  • Displaying Registry's name for each product from the registry on the page " Order View".
  • Ability to display "Add To Registry" link for guests.
  • All extension's code is open source

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