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Attribute Description Tooltip extension is designed to attract customers with improved usability of your Magento store. Extension enriches product attributes and custom options with descriptive hint pop-ups that are intended to help a confused user with understanding of any unobvious or special terminology used in attribute names. This may be achieved by creation just plain text attribute hints and adding an image to it.

This attribute pop-up extension provides a store owner with an ability to add descriptions to Attributes and Custom Options. When an attribute has a description added it will have an Info icon next to it. These descriptions are not visible by default and only pop-up when user hovers the target Attribute Info icon with a mouse pointer. For a more comprehensive explanation of extension capabilities and appearance see Working with Extension section of this guide.

View extension user guide (in PDF).

Extension video guide:

  • Text hints can be chosen to appear on catalog page or/and on product page.
  • Content of a description is highly customizable in terms of images, layout, fonts and colors due to WYSIWYG editor utilization.
  • Ability to upload a custom info icon to conform to website design.
  • Ability to manage such attribute info box features as positioning and fade effect.
  • Ability to add different content for an attribute description in different Store Views.
  • NEW! Ability to add attribute pop-ups for configurable products.
  • NEW! Tooltip is visible even when the mouse pointer moves away from info icon to the tooltip area. This means that now it will be possible to select/copy all content within the tooltip, and also links will benow clickable.
  • NEW! Ability to specify upon what action to show the tooltip: on click on info icon, or on hover over info icon, on hover over the attribute and info icon.
  • All extension's code is open source.

Compare the Extensions

Features Attribute Description Tooltip Attribute & Custom Options Description Tooltip
Ability to add descriptions both to custom option titles and to custom options items. X V
Custom Options Snippets functionality to create description templates, and assign them to any custom option
Ability to add descriptions to Attribute's Options
Displaying descriptions on Compare Products page.
Ability to add static descriptions to Attribute and Custom Options Titles. Example: Color (your static description)
Back-end: (demo | demo1234)

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