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This extension is an elder brother of our Attribute Description Tooltip extension. With this extension you can add descriptions/hints/pop-ups to any attribute or custom option. When an attribute (or custom option) has a description, it will have an info icon created next to it. When the icon is hovered, a tooltip will popup with a description in it. This will save space on the page, and the design will remain clean, as those descriptions will become visible only when the customer needs them.

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General features:
  • Extension Locale: EN, RO, DE, DA, NL, FR, IT
  • Compatible with one step checkout extension
  • Supports multi currencies
  • Supports multi websites

For customers:
  • Both guests and registered users can use gift cards
  • Three types of gift cards are available: Email, Print-out, Send by Post Offices
  • Buyers can buy Gift Cards at a lower price than their actual value
  • Buyers can write custom gift messages to be displayed on gift cards
  • Buyers can chose delivery date to email gift cards
  • Buyers can preview gift cards before purchasing
  • Buyers can refund gift card amount
  • Buyers can view status of purchased gift cards (active / inactive) in My Account
  • Shopper can use gift cards in the checkout
  • Shoppers can use multiple gift cards in one order

For admin:
  • Three types of prices are available:
    • - fixed price (store admin can create as many gift cards with a fixed price as he needs)
    • - price range (buyer can chose gift card amount within the price range defined by store admin)
    • - dropdown with predefined prices
  • Admin can choose image to display on the gift card: the default one or the image from the product "Gift Card”
  • Admin can choose email templates for gift certificate emails
  • Admin can preview/print all gift cards
  • Admin can view all gift cards statistic in the admin panel
  • Site admin has full backend control: can create/edit, resend immediately, change status of gift cards, etc
  • Admin can add/edit gift card codes manually in the admin area
  • Admin can generate gift card codes in bulk through admin panel and export them into csv file
  • Admin can import gift cards from csv file
  • Admin can apply gift cards in the admin panel while creating orders for existing customers
  • Admin can set shipping fees for “Send by Post Offices gift card”

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