Order Management extension for Magento 2

Modify your Magento 2 store with a smooth order management workflow to easily manage order, billing and shipping information in order to efficiently streamline B2C transactions.
Compatible with СE 2.1.2+ - 2.2.x; EE 2.1.2+ - 2.2.x
Module Version 3.0.0

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Order Management extension for Magento 2


Magento 2 Order Management Extension:

  • Overviewing 28 extra order parameters,
  • 20 extra orders mass actions,
  • Ability to promptly synchronize additional order data,
  • Advanced Magento 2 order functionality,
  • Useful order processing toolkit,
  • Ability to edit Magento 2 orders,
  • Ability to modify products in the order,
  • Configuring order billing details,
  • Editing order shipping details.

The extension is developed by MageWorx.com and comes with FREE functionality updates.

View Order Management module user guide (in PDF)


Extended customizable sales / orders grid

Get even more data on orders in your Magento 2 store with 28 extra columns that contain important order details:

• have all order data in one place,
• add/hide columns when needed,
• add product thumbnails to orders,
• customize the Sales-Orders grid according to your preferences.

Mass order actions / deleting orders

Expand the default Magento 2 functionality with 20 extra order mass-actions, and an ability to completely delete unneeded orders.

Order Modification

Improve Magento 2 order processing for higher business efficiency.

With the extension you can:

• apply changes to any order without cancelling it (unlike the default Magento 2),
• modify products in the order,
• add new products to existing orders,
• preview the new Grand Total for orders,
• add product thumbnails to orders.

Editing order billing & shipping details

Easily modify order details and billing information.

Order Management extension allows you to:

• change billing information for customers,
• modify billing address information,
• set the phone number,
• modify shoppers' contact info, and more.

Preview made changes

Have a look at the order's Grand Total every time you make modifications to any order in your store.

These features will appear in the upcoming updates:
• ability to archive unwanted orders,
• order color markers,
• extended order comments functionality.


Useful, but need more features
(Posted on Dec 29, 2017 by Sylvia Valencia)

Really easy to install and setup. However, it'd be nice to have a few more features, including the ability to add additional order statuses.


Version: 3.0.0 (August 31, 2017)
+Adds extended grid functionality
+Adds mass-actions functionality
*Bug fixes
Version: 2.3.1 (June 5, 2017)
*Code refactoring and stability improvements
*Bug fixes
Version: 2.2.1 (April 13, 2017)
*Minor bug fixes
Version: 2.2.0 (January 21, 2017)
+Adds the functionality to edit the shipping methods
Version: 2.1.0 (December 20, 2016)
+Fully-optimized order editing process
+Ability to edit details of any item added to an order
+Re-configuring items (supports all types of products)
+Ability to edit the discounts manually
+Editing item prices
+Edit the prices excluding/including the tax
+Ability to edit the tax for the items
*Bug fixes and multiple performance improvements
Version: 2.0.2 (August 26, 2016)
*Fixes the issue with hidden items table while editing the orders on Magento 2.1
Version: 2.0.1 (July, 2016)
*Bug fixes and functionality improvements
*Compatibility with Magento 2.1
Version: 1.0 (January, 2016)
Initial release

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