Lucky Counter (Social Shopping Discounts) for Magento

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Our Social Shopping Discounts extension is a powerful marketing tool surging your sales. It allows store owners to spread the word about products on social networking sites simply with hands down.
Compatible with Magento CE 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
Module Version 1.0.0

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Lucky Counter (Social Shopping Discounts) extension for Magento


This brand new social shopping extension empowers Magento store owners to leverage word of mouth in order to rocket sales. Potential customers are induced to share product information, as they are getting discounts with every click on Lucky counter share button. The more your customers tweet/share/like your product, the bigger their discount is. Once you let your customers purchase promotional products at discounted price, they will spread the information about them with the friends instantly. Let your customers advertize your goods. Count votes and let the price drop!

Furthermore, you receive a capacity of Group Deal, integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Google+, which can give your sales an additional upgrade.

Lucky Counter social discount extension allows you to set different prices for all social sites for each of your products.

Moreover, our group discount module creates Facebook, Twitter and Google+1 buttons on your product pages and adds “Lucky Counter” button for promotional products.


Benefits of the social sharing plugin utilization

For shop owners
+ Rockets sales through spreading the word of mouth
+ Improves brand awareness and brand image
+ Positive effect on SEO
+ Power of Group Shopping
+ Requires no additional activities from you, once set up, your customers will do the rest of the work for you!

For shoppers
+ Involves customers into interplay with the web store and their friends on social networking sites
+ Ability to get goods at discounted prices
+ Enables attractive prices for Group Buying


This way of building customer relationship was successfully used by American Express Co, Uniglo UK, Skoda and other worldwide brands. So why don’t YOU give it a try? Meet new prospects with this powerful social marketing tool!

View extension user guide (in PDF).


  • Integrates 3 major social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Lets you specify a separate price for each social site
  • Lets you enable “Lucky Counter” campaign for each of your products
  • Custom messages for each social site
  • Dynamic variables to create tailored messages for your customers
  • Display promo icons on category pages to attract visitors’ attention
  • Easily customizable view of the pop-up
  • All our extensions come open source.




: new feature added.
: bug fixed.
  • Version 1.0.0
    First release

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Working with Extension

  1. Magento Lucky Counter Extension Front-end
  • Our social sharing extension builds in Facebook, Twitter and Google+1 buttons on your product pages and adds “Lucky Counter” button for promotional products. This button opens a pop-up, where site visitors can learn about the conditions of the promotional campaign; see how many likes, shares or tweets left to get a product at a discounted price.
  • Customers can tweet a product right at the product page, without leaving store website. The number of votes will changestraight away.
  • The descriptive message made through our social extension is fully customizable. You can write your own one using dynamic variable:
{current_amount} – current amount of FB/G+1 likes or tweets

{left_amount} – left amount of FB/G+1 likes or tweets

{min_price} – a minimal price available for a product

{next_price} – a next price

{discount} – amount of discount your customers get


  1. Magento Lucky Counter Extension Back-end
  • To set up Lucky Counter: Go to System –>Configuration –> WEBTEX –> Lucky Counter
  • Press “Enable”to enable/disableLucky Counter social sharing extension. Now it’s quite simple to just turn it off if necessary or run it again
  • Facebook App ID You should create App in Facebook and get App ID. (It’s necessary to create FB App in order to use FB API)
  • Show Counter Statistic enables/disables popup with counter statistics
  • Display Lucky Icon displays/hides “Lucky Price” icon on category pages
  • Lucky Counter Title – a title of social shopping plugin pop-up
  • Google+1 Message – a custom message for Google+ site
  • Facebook – a custom message for Facebook site
  • Twitter Message – a custom message for Twitter site
  • To specify the amounts of Likes, tweets and discounted prices for each product you should go to Catalog –> Manage Products –> select a product –> “Lucky Counter” tab.
  • To add a campaign through our social discounts add-on, just click on “Add” button. If you specify different prices for each social site, all of them will appear on the front-end and they will work independently. However, a minimal price will be taken from the all prices specified for the product.

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