Gift Registry for Magento

Drive more shoppers, generate more sales, promote customer loyalty with our Gift Registry Magento extension.
Compatible with Magento CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x; Magento EE 1.6.x - 1.14.x
Module Version 2.0.1

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Gift Registry plugin for Magento


Gift Registry extension is a hustle-free sophisticated software tool that embodies a must-have ecommerce feature proven success both in online and offline environments.

Gift registry is a solid marketing tool that lets you dramatically increase store traffic, number of customers, number of sales, and, as a result, store's cashflow. It will be particularly useful during holidays season, as it can ease creating Christmas gift lists, as well as Birthday gift lists, graduation gift lists, and registries for any other holidays and occasions.

View extension user guide (in PDF).

Extension video guide:


For users:
  • Registry can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Registries can be found by searching for registrant’s name or ID in a registry search form. Also all registries are accessible with a direct link.
  • Registry owner can make the registry private, so it will be accessible only with a registry ID or direct link.
  • User can add products to a registry from product page, catalog page and search results page.
  • Registry owner can add a photo to a gift registry page.
  • Ability to set/change the number of ‘desired’ and ‘received’ items for each product added to the holiday gift list.
  • Registry owner can set the priority of each item and leave a note for each product within the gift registry.
  • User can add the same configurable product to the registry multiple times (with different product options).
  • Ability to add configurable and bundled products to the registry.
  • Product lists within a registry can be sorted by price, priority and purchased status.
  • Registry owner can notify her guests about the registry via an integrated e-mailing functionality. E-mail will contain an automatically generated text with corresponding registry owners’ names, Registry ID and a direct link to the registry.
  • User can add products from multiple registries as well as non-registry items to cart simultaneously. For gift givers.
  • Registrant's address may be chosen as a shipping address during the checkout.
  • Registry owner can update the amount of received products in the admin panel.
  • Displaying Registry's name for each product from the registry on the page "Order View".
  • Ability to display "Add To Registry" link for guests.

For admin:
  • Admin can create/ fully edit/ delete registry through admin panel.
  • There are no restrictions for product amounts. The extension will work with any number of products.
  • Utilization of AJAX for better user experience.
  • Admin can view all essential registry statistics and information in the Admin Panel: existing registries (even customer deleted registries remain in the list, just status changes to ‘Inactive’), registry IDs (which when clicked lead to registry page on front-end), products within each registry, desired/received/purchased amounts of products, corresponding orders.


Excellent extension from trusted developer
(Posted on Nov 10, 2015 by Steven Boldin)

I purchased this extension with the installation service on weekends. I was surprised when I received the email that the extension was installed. It was Sunday.Wow. Impressed!

Thank you guys. Your app works great on our store.
Excellent Support!
(Posted on Aug 13, 2015 by mkohn)

Alex customized this extension for our company and is very responsive with support.
Great extension and even better customer support.
(Posted on Apr 09, 2014 by pedrosa10 )

This extension is very easy to install and to configure all the many features it offers.
However, because I use a custom one-step checkout, the option to ship directly to the list registrant's address wasn't showing.
So I got in contact with the support team and they efficiently solved everything for me.

(this review was taken from
Excellent Extension and service
(Posted on Apr 09, 2014 by vitovito)

I can only say that the Gift registri is what I was looking I had a doubt which version to buy and I have been advise from them in very short terms. After installing I had a little issue with my templare and costumer care fixed the problem in not time. definitly a good partner to grow our website.
I will use them again

(this review was taken from
Great extension - fantastic support
(Posted on Jun 24, 2013 by Anonymous)

This is a very tidy extension that integrated well with my custom theme. I sent two emails to the support team on two different days and was sent a reply within minutes - it is so helpful to be on a job and to be able to stay on it rather than wait for hours/a day to get a reply.
Will be looking at their other extensions with great confidence.
(this review was taken from
Great Extension & First Rate Support
(Posted on Jun 24, 2013 by frank265)

Loving this extension, it did exactly what it said it would even with a heavy amount of customisation on our site. We had one issue and the support team fixed everything so it works perfectly. Very happy with the product and the support. Would highly recommend it...
(this review was taken from
Great Extension, super Support!
(Posted on Jun 24, 2013 by perfpcs)

This is a wonderful and useful extension you really should consider. We had some issues with install due to our highly customized cart and Alex solved all issues quickly. Great email communication! We even asked for a few added frills that were not built into the extension and Alex did these without any extra fee. Simply tremendous support!
(this review was taken from
Webtex Support Excellence
(Posted on Mar 19, 2013 by gavin85)

Amazing Product and even better support!
Experienced some difficulty with custom theme, Alex responded almost immediately. Problem solved to 100%. Great Experience!
(this review was taken from
Awesome product
(Posted on Mar 19, 2013 by Kraythorne)

This extension was exactly what I was looking for and the customer and technical support is as good as any I've found.
My requirements meant that I needed some extra coding to get this extension to appear just how I wanted it and these guys spent 3 days backwards and forwards with me to get it just right - and they included this as part of the service.
I cant recommend them highly enough!
(this review was taken from
Simply Amazing.
(Posted on Aug 28, 2012 by OElsahy)

The product, the customer service, and most importantly the execution were brilliant. Would recommend this product and this company to anyone.
(Posted on Jul 02, 2012 by chrismmmmm)

Great! - the support from the developer is amazing - they worked with us extensively to get this registry working with one of our highly customized themes - which was a huge help - the registry extension works really well too - it has everything you need for a registry included - thanks guys!
(this review was taken from
Really Amazing Support
(Posted on Jun 28, 2012 by chris)

registry extension works really well - all the features necessary to have a functioning gift registry - and its intuitive and just makes sense - Really really amazed by webtex support though - they worked really hard to help us incorporate the registry into our custom theme - and for that we are very appreciative! - thanks so much
Good Product, Better Support!
(Posted on May 01, 2012 by Mendel)

A very good product that does exactly what it says it will do. Thank you very much to Alex for the quick and effective support!
Great product!
(Posted on Apr 26, 2012 by Karen Nortje)

We went searching on the web for a comprehensive package to handle many gift registries. Webtex have done just that! Their gift registry is easy to set up and has many features that can be customized.
Thanks to Alex and his team for the amazing support! They are quick to respond and assist where necessary. Keep up the great work!
I highly recommend this one
(Posted on Sep 23, 2011 by buluts)

We had a small problem with this module and I contacted their support team. The response was instant and my problem has been resolved the next day. I highly recommend this one or any other module by Webtex team. Cheers!
(this review was taken from
Thank you very much team WebTex !
(Posted on Sep 02, 2011 by lupusgreius)

Your extension works wonderfull.
Thank you for helping me out to solve the problem with the extensions interacting with each other.
I truely reccomand the webtex extension + the great support they give afterwards.
(this review was taken from


: new feature added.
: bug fixed.
  • Version 1.0.0
    First release
  • Version 1.1.0
    Added "Maiden name" field into registry creation/edit page and made it searchable through registry search.
    Added "Purchased" field into registry products list in Admin Panel.
    Purchased products are now associated with corresponding orders.
    Added ability to specify desired amount of a product through "Qty" field on product page.
    Added functionality to save deleted registries statistics in Admin Panel.
    Added registry status field in Admin Panel with values: "Active" and "Inactive".
    Added compatibility with Magento 1.5.x
    Made all extension fields, labels and info changable via Magento's Inline Translator.
    Added ability to add products to a registry from catalog search result page.
    Fixed registry created date&time issue in Admin Panel.
  • Version 1.2.0
    Added ability to add the same configurable product (with different options selected) to the registry multiple times.
    Added "Registry ID" field to registry list in Admin Panel.
    Added Ability to sort products in registry product list.
    Removed feature: all products that have been already added to the registry are marked with label "Added to Baby Registry".
    Now if order status becomes cancelled (order with a product from a registry), then the product is being returned to the registry and becomes available.
    Fixed 404 error on "Add to Cart" click in registry, when 'After Adding a Product Redirect to Shopping Cart' = "No" in Admin Panel.
    Registry products are now marked as 'Received' when purchased by guest user.
  • Version 1.3.0 (for magento versions 1.4.x-1.7.x)
    Added ability to delete registry in the admin panel.
    Added ability to update the amount of received products in the admin panel.
    Displaying Registry's name for each product from the registry on the page " Order View".
  • Version 1.4.0 (for magento versions 1.4.x-1.7.x)
    Added ability to display "Add To Registry" link for guests
  • Version 1.5.0 (for magento versions 1.4.x-1.7.x)
    Grouped products have been fixed
  • Version 1.6.0 (for magento versions 1.4.x-1.9.x)
    Share Registry on Twitter and Facebook.
    Ability to use multi shipping addresses in checkout.
    Ability to create shipping address during creating the registry.
  • Version 1.7.0
    Ability to create/ full edit/ delete registry through admin panel
  • Version 2.0.0
    Customizable social media message
    The ability to get a notification email when the registry item is purchased
    Improved create/edit functionality for registry templates
    Improved buttons templates
    Minor bug fixes
  • Version 2.0.1
    Adds compatibility with Magento and the SUPEE-6788 patch

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Working with Extension

  1. Gift Registry Front-end (the way a registry owner sees it)

    After the extension is installed, a new link "Gift Registry" will appear in the upper left navigation (assuming your layout is similar to Magento standard theme): Screenshot 1

    When a user hovers this link, a pop-up will appear, that will let him to search for a registry or to create/view his own gift registry.

    On the "Create Gift Registry" page user will be able to add all necessary information concerning this gift registry:

    • Registrant's name and email
    • Co-registrant's name and email
    • Event date
    • A personal message for the guests that will appear on the registry page
    • Event location
    • Shipping address for presents
    • Family photo that will appear on the registry page

    For more details see Screenshot 2.

    After a registry is created, user will need to add products to it. By each product on catalog and product pages there will appear a link saying "Add to Registry". When user clicks on this link, the product is being added to his gift registry without leaving the current page.

    On the registry page user will be able to manage the list of the products he selected:

    • See number of selected and number of purchased items
    • Remove unwanted items
    • Choose priority for each item
    • Add some comment for each item
    • Change "Desired" and "Received" fields for each product
    • Add any product to cart

    On the registry page there are following links:

    • "Registry Information"
      On this page user will be able to see and edit all his registry information. Also that page contains "Delete Registry" button.
    • "Tell About Your Registry"
      Through this page user may sent an e-mail to everyone who he wants to inform about his registry.
    • "Guest's View Of Your Registry"
      Registry page in a way registry owner's guests will see it.

    For more details see Screenshot 3.

  2. Gift Registry Front-end (the way a registry guest sees it)

    On Screenshot 4 you can see a registry page. It contains all the info about selected registry, and also a list of products, chosen by registry owner.

  3. Gift Registry Admin Back-end

    To see information on existing registries, navigate to the following page in Admin Panel: Customers→Gift Registries. There you'll find a list of all registries, created by store users (Screenshot 5).
    When selecting a particular registry, a list of products from this registry will appear (Screenshot 6).
    "Purchased" field represents the actual amount of items purchase from that store. If you click on a product, a page with a list of corresponding orders will appear (in case "Purchased" amount is not zero): Screenshot 7

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