Generate and Apply Multiple Coupons for Magento

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This Magento extension will let you seamlessly generate multiple coupons within a price rule, and will also allow users to redeem multiple coupons at once.
Compatible with Magento CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x; Magento EE 1.6.x - 1.14.x
Module Version 1.0.1

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Generate and Apply Multiple Coupons for Magento


This extension empowers Magento store owners to create any number of coupons per shopping cart price rule, and also allows users to redeem multiple coupons in shopping cart.
The extension dramatically boosts Magento’s default coupon functionality and makes working with coupon codes much more easy, efficient, and seamless. Coupon code generation and export mechanism will save a whole bunch of time, if you say need to create a lengthy list of coupon codes and pass it to a third party.

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  • Ability to create/generate any number of coupons for a given price rule
  • Ability to edit/remove each coupon code, even generated ones
  • Ability to export coupons into CSV or XML
  • Supports coupon reports in the back end
  • Ability to allow customers to use multiple coupon codes in cart at once (admin is able to deactivate this feature from extension settings)
  • Admin can generate coupon codes based on a certain pattern, like: ‘XMAS-123’, ‘XMAS-321’, etc., making coupon code partly static (‘XMAS’), and partly random-generated (‘123’, ‘321’). Coupon code patterns are highly customizable.
  • Ability to specify Uses per Coupon, and Uses per Customer for each coupon, along with Uses per Customer for the whole price rule.
  • All extension's code is open source



: new feature added.
: bug fixed.
  • Version 1.0.0
    First release
  • Version 1.0.1
    Minor bug fixes

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Working with Extension

  1. Extension Front-end

    Customers can add as many coupons as they want in shopping cart. Also they may cancel coupons if they need to (Screenshot 1).

  2. Extension Back-end

    To enable/disable the customers' ability to redeem multiple coupons at once, go to System→Configuration→WEBTEX→Generate and Apply Multiple Coupons→Allow to Apply Multiple Coupons: Screenshot 2.

    To generate multiple coupons, go to the Promotions→Shopping Cart Price Rules. Click “Add New Rule”, and choose Coupon→Specific Coupon (Screenshot 3).

    A new tab Coupons appears in the left menu. On that page you will be able to add/create/generate/see/edit all your coupons.

    • To create a single coupon, you just need to not use '#' and '@' characters when entering the coupon code into “Coupon Code Pattern” field.
    • To generate 2 or more coupons, use '#' and '@' characters to specify the pattern you would like to have, and also specify the number of coupons that you need to be created (input of 'SALE###@@@' will lead to something like input 'SALE926FDH') (Screenshot 4).

    After creating, you will see the list of your coupons for this shopping price rule. You may export, delete and edit all coupons (Screenshot 5).

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